Market Fragmentation from a QA Perspective

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Market Fragmentation from a QA Perspective

Market Fragmentation from a QA Perspective

Have you ever really took advantage of google analytics or any analytics software that check how your web application is performing? Probably you have or maybe not. Do you use the information to push the product more, improve the product or you just like seeing the stats and graphs?

As a QA Engineer, I have seen most people ignoring the user experience statistics they get from the analytics software they will be using. Take the example of Company X which has an E-Commerce platform as its product. It’s been doing so well for the past few months but they see their users are dwindling little by little with time or maybe remaining as they were yet they are selling good products on their platform. They get month end reports showing their users are using such devices on such browsers and on a particular Operating System. What are they doing with this information? Some might just view them as statistics. My question would be, have you taken the effort to test the user experience of those customers given you know the devices and all the other user agent info given on your platform? If most of Company X users are using tablets to shop on their e-commerce platform, it would be wise for their development team to start exploring if their testing coverage includes these most used devices .

The truth is, browsers render information differently, therefore affects user experience differently if you do not include this in your testing and designing journey. Poor user experience is bad for business and can deter users from visiting your site/web application and guess what they will tell the next person… Yes, exactly what you are thinking. 

Take time to see the fragmentation of your market (users),

  1. What devices are they using,
  2. Operating systems,
  3. Browsers
  4. Versions etc.

Invest in testing those combinations of device-browser-operating system and versions as this will speak to improving quality and user experience, in turn customer retention as well as gaining new customers.

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