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We provide design and software digital services that are fully-flexible and powerful. Order dedicated software for general IT, Custom CRM systems and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, web application development and more.

In our  region, we get asked why would or should we go digital? Why would anyone digitalise their business? Why, would ANYONE digitalise their privacy? Well, it’s quite simple, actually – there’s no other way.

Let’s face it, the digital era has begun. We may have no idea where it will lead us in future, but there’s no going back now. Ever. You can weep all you want over your favourite newspapers, hardcopy books, the unique smell of the paper, dimise of real postmen delivering your letter. Heaven knows I do. But like it or not, digital is irreversible and we’ll never go back to pen and paper, so we should overcome the fear of new and embrace the changes while trying to get the most out of it.

Custom Desktop
Mobile Apps
AI Systems
Social Media Marketing
Business Development

Programmers Without Borders

Today’s youth face enormous challenges finding jobs and earning a decent income. Around the world the youth face challenges of unemployment whilst the lucky ones find themselves in low paying and informal sector jobs

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The digital Race

There is nothing more fashionable at this moment than new technologies! Digital has infiltrated in all segments of everyday life and art. Imagine a world where you can see a pop singer without a Twitter account, an live show band with just a Facebook page, a celebrity walking around without an iPhone, Major event you can’t find on Google. Can you? Now imagine if you had the skills to use that to your own personal and professional development. Digital could be a part of your style.

Business Applications

We develop and deliver cost-effective business applications and operational software

Data Migration

We’ll create a safe information environment for data migration based on your current system

CRM & ERP systems

Improve your customer engagement with a bespoke, secure and dedicated CRM system

White Label Software

We can help you build white label software solutions that you can license to your own clients

Startup Software

We help startups and ventures with the most challenging tech aspect of starting a project

Our Skills Levels

Web Design
Android Apps
Business Dev